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Version 3.04
Any Number of Connections

GetBot downloads at the full speed of your Internet connection, and can get files even faster with multiple simultaneous connections.

By default, GetBot will download 3 files at once. Given a big list of files to get, GetBot will start downloading the first 3. When one of them is done, GetBot will download the next one. This way, it's always getting 3 at a time.

You can change this number to just get one at a time, or to get more. GetBot offers this feature without putting an upper limit on the number.

It's more efficient to download files several at a time. The faster the Internet connection, the more efficient it is to get more files at once.

Change this number in GetBot Options to get 1 file at a time, 10, or as many as you want.

Even Within the Same File

You can use a similar feature to get a single file faster than possible with a traditional download. Right-click a file that's downloading in GetBot and choose Get. GetBot will open a new connection within the file, downloading it from the middle and the start.

There's no limit to the number of connections with this feature either. GetBot can download 5 files at a time, download one file with 5 connections, or download 5 files at a time with 5 connections each.

Save Files Instantly

Before downloading a file from the Internet, GetBot checks to see if it's already in the Internet Explorer cache. If you've just browsed to a Web site with Internet Explorer, the pages and images of the site are probably already saved there. This is why some files in GetBot seem to download instantly.

GetBot is downloading this file with 6 connections. It's getting it from 5 places inside as well as from the start.

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