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Version 3.04

GetBot will reconnect and resume downloads through slow servers and lost connections. It will solve problems without asking you to click OK first. When you return to your computer, you will be greeted not with a pile of error messages, but with all the files you wanted saved on your drive.

In your browser, you have to keep clicking reload or refresh to coax along a download that won't start or gets stuck. GetBot retries as needed automatically, and forever if necessary.

If you're downloading a file with your browser and the server breaks the connection just before it's done, you'll have to try again from the start. Large files that take minutes to download can be difficult to get this way. GetBot's ability to resume means it always makes forward progress, no matter how many requests it takes.

When GetBot is finished downloading, all the files will be marked Done.


If GetBot is using your modem and the connection is terminated, GetBot will reconnect and keep going until everything has been downloaded. GetBot can dial the modem and resume your downloads even if you're away from your computer.

In GetBot, click Open, Options, and the Connections tab to get here.

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