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Downloading with a Browser

Web browsers are designed for browsing the Web, not downloading files.

With Internet Explorer, it takes several clicks to download a file. Right-click a link and click again to save it. Internet Explorer pauses while getting file information, and then shows the Save As dialog box. This happens every time - even if you want all your downloads organized into the same place.

Internet Explorer opens a separate window for each download. The File Download windows don't work together. Instead of lining up and going several at a time, they all try to use your Internet connection at once.

If a download gets stuck, the Web server closes the connection, or the Internet connection is lost, File Download gives up and says there was an error. There's no way to get the address to try again.

Internet Explorer opens a window for each file it downloads.

The Download List

GetBot lets you batch download from the Web. It organizes downloads into a list, and gets them several files at a time.

Paste a list of addresses into the Addresses box and click Get to add them to the list.

Right-click in the Addresses box and choose Paste.

Copy Addresses

As you browse the Web, right-click links and copy them to the clipboard. GetBot adds addresses that are copied there to its list of files to get. This lets you browse the Web quickly, filling the list as you go, and download everything later.

GetBot will add addresses you copy in other programs to the download list. In Internet Explorer, right-click links and press the T key.

Pause and Resume

GetBot lets you pause downloads. Just click the Pause button.

To resume your downloads, click the Pause button again. The files will pick up right from where they were paused. You can even close GetBot, disconnect your computer from the Internet, and turn it off without losing paused downloads.

Click Pause to pause your downloads.

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