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Download Files That Just Play in the Browser

Some content on the Web can't be downloaded with a browser because it plays automatically.

For instance, browsing to the address of a video will just open your media player. Your media player will try to download and play the file at the same time. Downloading it first works better. But if there's no way to right-click a link to the file, there's no way to download it.

GetBot can download it - just paste the address and click Get. When the file is done, double-click it to play it from your hard drive.

Flash animations are like this too. Put the address of a .swf file into your browser's address bar, and the Flash will just play in the browser. The only way to save the file is with GetBot.

Defeat Blocking Techniques

Some Web sites try to keep visitors from saving their images by blocking right-clicks on their pages. When you right-click, you might get a message box saying not to, or nothing might happen.

GetBot can download the images on a page without having to right-click it. Just put the page's address into a GetBot Site window, select the images, and click Get.

You can't download this movie without GetBot. Going to its address in your Web browser just plays it in your media player.

User Names and Passwords

If you've subscribed to a Web site and have a user name and password, it's easy to enter them into GetBot to download from the site.


Web sites that take login information on a page usually store this information in a cookie. GetBot uses Internet Explorer's cookies when communicating with sites. This means that once you've logged in with Internet Explorer, GetBot will be able to download too.

In GetBot, click Open, Options, the Passwords tab, and Add to get here.

Referrer Addresses

Some Web sites try to block external linking to their media by requiring browsers to supply a referrer address. The referrer address tells the site where the browser came from. The server makes sure it's not blank or some distant domain. You can enter a referrer address in GetBot to download from sites that do this.

If a Web site is returning pages instead of media files, it might need a referrer address.


Not every address on the Web begins with http://. Secure pages and images are delivered with https://, some file archives use ftp://, and a few older sites still use gopher://. GetBot can download all these kinds of addresses.

GetBot downloads through HTTPS just as easily as it downloads through HTTP.

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